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My name is Melyssa Allen and I help veterinary professionals reclaim well-being through positive health habits of the mind and body and create a life in which you THRIVE!

There are so many programs out there that focus on enhancing well-being and promoting resilience for physicians and other allied healthcare providers, but the same resources aren’t available as widely for you.

You and your staff give SO much to your work on a daily basis and deserve the recognition and representation when it comes to well-being initiatives and programs. That’s why I’ve created specialized programs just for veterinary professionals like YOU!

As a dog mom and former animal trainer, I have many friends in the veterinary profession - and I know how much you all sacrifice to do your job.

Helping the unsung heroes of healthcare.

  • University of Central Florida Alumni
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional
  • Former Animal Trainer
  • Lake Nona Performance Club Medical Advisory Council 
  • Addicted to Iced Vanilla Hazelnut Lattes
  • Dog Mom to Buddy the therapy dog!
  • Recovering Perfectionist

About Us

meet melyssa

  • Lover of tennis balls
  • Swimming extraordinaire
  • Veterinary Well-Being mascot
  • Love language = anything with food
  • Enjoys the great outdoors from indoors

About Us

The Well-Being Buddy is inspired by my own dog, Buddy, to help become a digital coach for veterinary professionals through our online resources.

My hope is that Buddy can guide you to restoring or recovering your own well-being journey through acting as your reminder to care for yourself! 

Our digital mascot

Positivity | Compassion | Empowerment
Wellness | Humor

Our Brand Values

To create entertaining and accessible educational experiences for veterinary professionals related to building positive habits to support well-being, engaging in proactive self-care behaviors, and empowering individuals and teams to take small action steps that contribute to lifestyle and workplace transformations.

Our Brand Mission


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