The Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle is dedicated to veterinary well-being through creating entertaining and accessible educational experiences for veterinary professionals related to building positive habits to support well-being, engaging in proactive self-care behaviors, and empowering individuals and teams to take small action steps that contribute to lifestyle and workplace transformations.

Our programs and services help veterinary professionals improve well-being, enhance resilience, and optimize performance through changes in mindset, lifestyle, and behavior. 

Keep reading to learn more about our founder, Melyssa Allen!

About the
Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle

Positivity | Compassion | Empowerment | Wellness | Humor

As a Veterinary Well-Being Coach, it is my job to work with you - as a team - to help you reclaim your health, boost your happiness, and build positive habits that support a life in which you thrive! As a dog mom and former animal trainer, I have firsthand experience witnessing the dedication of veterinary professionals and the limited support resources available within the veterinary industry.

With a background that spans mental health counseling, wellness coaching, and lifestyle medicine, I expanded the Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle in 2020 to include specialized services, programs, and resources to support veterinary well-being.

My love for animals started when I was only 4-years-old and visited SeaWorld San Antonio as a child and I was lucky enough to work as a marine mammal trainer with the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program and SeaWorld Orlando. I was grateful to work with numerous species of animals during my career and also worked alongside many dedicated humans who cared for these animals tirelessly around the clock. 

When the time came for me to make a career change, it was a bittersweet ending to my childhood dream come true as I began creating my new path to a new dream…even though I didn’t exactly know what that would look like. I left my animal training career to pursue my graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and my certification as a group fitness instructor.

My animal training career helped me develop effective public speaking skills (there’s nothing like having to improvise on microphone in front of thousands of people while working with animals…!), extensive knowledge of behavior modification (just FYI - I no longer use belly rubs or fish as reinforcement for my clients…), and a passion for inspiring people to change their lives to support wildlife conservation… 

And now - my passion is inspiring positive lifestyle transformations for both individuals and workplaces alike. Truthfully, I am still on my own health and wellness journey because - let’s face it - changing our habits can be HARD! 

But that’s why you can trust me in your own journey, because I have been there. I know how to help you discover your inner strengths and finally overcome those barriers to change!

I am so grateful that you are here to learn more about the Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle and hope to work with you soon!

Now I like to say that I went from training animals…to training humans!
(And if you ask my friends…they will tell you that joke gets old after a while…)

Meet Buddy - my 12-year old golden lab mix and certified therapy dog!

He has a magical way of making people feel better and bringing smiles to those who are struggling...including myself! Buddy helped me through numerous bouts of burnout by reminding me that life is precious and to live in the moment, for the moment.

I felt that it would be selfish of me to keep his valuable reminders to myself...which is why I wanted to leave him a meaningful legacy in his senior doggo years by creating the digital Well-Being Buddy!